Jeep JL / JT Center Console Bags

Handcrafted all leather bags that mount to either side of the center console on your JL or JT without any vehicle modifications. These provide much need addition storage space with easy access. Perfect for cell phones, flashlights, EDC cases or whatever you may want.



Leather and Thread Color

Offered in black, medium brown or tan leather with a variety of thread color options (additional options may be available upon request)


Exotic Inlays or Overlays

Inlay options include ostrich leg (available in a variety of colors), rattlesnake, python etc. Overlay options include shark, Cape Buffalo, elephant. Other exotics potentially available upon request. Based upon availability 

Mounting Instructions

Vehicle Prep


Pop off the round plastic disc on the side of the center console towards the front and remove the M6 bolt using a 10mm socket (save these in case you ever want to remove bag)

Hardware Sequence


Slide the new M6-1 40mm allen screw thru the anodized aluminum washer and install thru bag mounting hole. On the backside, side one M6 external star washer, then the black fender washer and nylon space and then one more external star washer



With the mounting hardware on the M6 allen screw, thread the screw into the mounting hole of the bolt you removed earlier. Tighten the allen screw down with M4 allen wrench supplied (this can be a little tedious)