JL Phone Holsters


JL Center Console Mounted Phone Holsters

Trying to find a place to put your phone in the Jeep JL can present some challenges. These holsters mount to the driver side front of the center console without any vehicle modifications. They are handcrafted from 7-8 oz Wickett&Craig or Hermann Oak veg tanned leather and are hard molded to allow easy placement and removal of your phone.


These phone holsters are all handcrafted from the best USA veg tanned leather available. They are hand dyed, molded, buffed and sealed to provide years of service. The stitching is completely double stitched in your choice of black, red or green thread.  The inside is smooth sealed leather and there is a supplied cover for the attaching screw.

What Phones Do They Fit

These were molded based upon a Galaxy Note 8 with an Otter Box (which is a huge phone) so they will accommodate virtually any phone on the market today. In addition, there is a small opening in the back rear of the phone holster to allow you to route your charging cable thru in you would like.

How Do They Mount

Mounting is quick and easy with no vehicle modifications needed. On the sides of the center console (towards the front) is a round disk cover. Pop this cover off and remove the 10mm hex head bolt below it that is used to mount the center console to the body. The phone holster is supplied with a new longer truss head screw, spacer screw head cover to mount your phone holster securely to this mounting point.

Is There Any Potential For Damage To My Phone?

Every precaution has been made to prevent potential damage or scratches to a phone in the holster. The inside is smooth, sealed leather, a nylon screw head is supplied and the mounting area is recessed. However, do the environment that the holster will live in Gibson LeatherWorks can not accept any responsibility for phone damage that could be incurred.