The "Do's", the "Don'ts" and the "Please Keep in Mind"

Let's start with the "Don'ts"

  • Do not bend, crush, flex, twist your holster. You do not break in a holster like a baseball glove. Just keep reading, proper break in is covered below. Your holster is designed and built to be rigid. This is needed for retention, drawing and reholstering. It will mold to both you and your gun over time and with proper break-in while maintaining it's rigidity.
  • Do not apply any oils, conditioners, leather cleaners etc. to your holster. This will soften the leather and break down the rigidity. It can also damage exotics.
  • Do not use your holster for a firearm that it was not intended for.
  • Before using a holster, first check it for fit with an unloaded firearm. See initial break-in process; just keep reading...
  • Do not modify your holster or use your holster for a firearm that has been  modified (i.e. sights, triggers, etc.) .
  • If your holster becomes wet, do not dry in front of heat (warm good / heat bad); let it air dry in front of a fan.

Now let's look at the "Do's"

  • Do monitor your holster's condition ... it is your responsibility. This includes (but not limited to), stitching, snaps, rivets, or other retaining devices as well as fit and function.  If at any time, your holster becomes worn, loose, defective, or ill fitting, stop use immediately
  • Do follow the initial break in process. This process being: wrap you cleared and unloaded firearm with 2-3 layers of wax paper (wax side out), slide your unloaded firearm into the holster and let it set for a few hours, This will allow the holster to stretch a little and form to your gun. After a couple of hours, remove, unwrap and test fit your unloaded firearm. If still tight ... repeat as necessary. If not ... try it on and wear it. Practice a few draws with an unloaded and cleared gun. 
  • If your holster becomes dirty, it can be cleaned with a lightly dampened sponge or soft cloth.

Now a few things to keep in mind

  • Leather is a natural product, you may have some variations in coloring, markings, etc. 
  • Even though I try to be, no one is perfect. These are custom, hand-made products and I will do my best to make it as perfect as I possibly can.
  • Determination of the fitness or the suitability of any product for a specific use is the responsibility of you .... the buyer.  As I stated previously, I aim to Exceed Your Expectations. However, if you are not satisfied with the workmanship or quality please get a hold of us right away. Since each piece is custom made, I do not have a refund policy. However I will work with you in order to exceed those expectations I mentioned before.