Custom Leather Holsters



We build custom leather gun holsters in both Inside and Outside the Waistband holsters. Regardless if your looking for the optimum in a concealed carry holster or wanting  custom leather holsters to show off to your buddies at the range, we can most likely build it specifically for you. All holsters are built with a doubled up body shield, a reenforcement panel and molded sight channel.



We offer traditional pancake style holsters and Askin style holster with a variety of options. For OWB holsters, we build them to be and remain as tight to the body as possible; reduce printing and increase stability, They are available either open or with a thumb break . Our IWBs are available with either  JRM clips or snap loops using "Pull the DOT" snaps



Cant is the forward lean of the firearm in the holster. The cant is largely based upon personal preference. However the type of gun, the type of holster and carry position all help determine the best cant angle.

Carry Position


The "clock system" is used to determine carry position desired. Directly in front of you (centered belt buckle) is the 12:00 o'clock position. Directly behind you (butt crack) is the 6:00 o'clock position, with 3 and 9 o'clock respectively on right and left sides. Most right hand people carry between the 2:30 to 4:30 positions and left the opposite side fo the clock. Sorry, I will not build small of back (SOB ) holsters. 

Make it Yours


If you wanted a cookie cutter, mass made, one size fits most holster ... you probably wouldn't be here. We offer many details to personalize your holster. These include exotic inlays and overlays such as rattlesnake, Cape Buffalo, shark (my favorite) and others. Our typical color offerings are Saddle, Chocolate Brown and Black as well as stitching in Natural, Chestnut and Black. Other options for both dye and stitching may be available upon request.

Other stuff


In addition to building you the holster of your dreams, we also build mag carriers and gun belts as well. Our mag carriers are available for both singe and double stack mags in single or dual configuration. Our gun belts are double layered with a reenforcement band sandwiched between to prevent stretch

Types of Holster (Just to Name a Few)


Outside the Waistband (OWB)

While there are some variants, there are 2 basic types of OWB holsters. The classic pancake and the Askins (Avenger). There are pros and cons to each. The pancake holds the gun tightest to the body. This makes for very secure placement and reduces printing. The pancake can be made with belt slots or with snap loops. Snap loop attachment does not typically hold as tight to the body as belt slots, but it is close. The disadvantage to this type of holster is the it takes up a little more real estate on the belt than an Askins. 

Askin style holster will have a belt slot at the rear of the holster and a belt channel on the back. This in turn reduces the needed space on the belt as there is not a belt slot extending in from of the firearm. However, it typically does not hold the firearm as close to the body as a pancake style.

I am sometimes asked if I will build a OWB that also incorporates a mag carrier. The answer is No. If you think about the dynamics of ejecting and reloading in a live fire situation, reaching across your body and under your shooting arm to access your spare mag is less than ideal.

Inside the Waistband (IWB)

IWBs offer excellent retention, This is because the natural pressure placed on it between the body and the belt or waist band. In general people either love them or hate them. A natural advantage is that (depending upon how they are worn) IWBs offer reduced printing. In general, you will need a slightly looser fitting pant around the waist to accommodate for the holster/gun. They can be made with clip(s) or with snap loops. However, a word of caution about clips. Clips are metal and exposed edges and corners could potentially (although I have not had it happen) damage things such as leather upholstery.

Pocket Holsters

Pocket guns are becoming popular. Certain guns made to these specs can be used with a pocket holsters. While pocket holsters may offer some conveniences the holster must be designed to "square off" in the pocket so that the holster/gun does not rotate of move around in the pocket. It is very important that if you are using a pocket holster that you do NOT place any other items in the pocket with the holster/gun.

Small of Back (SOB)

While they may look cool on TV, I will not make them for customers. They are inherently uncomfortable and bring up several issues regarding safety. 

Cross Draw

These are holsters worn opposite of your strong side (i.e. a right handed shooter would wear on the left side) typically with a reverse or no cant and the grip facing forward. 

Shoulder and Chest Rigs

These are holsters made to bring the firearm off the belt line and place the holster itself either on the chest (sometimes used by hunters with large caliber/large frame guns) or under the arm. For shoulder rigs, you will need to either have a mag carrier(s) or belt retention built into the rig on the opposite side of the gun to help offset the weight. 


2018+ Jeep JL Gun Holsters

Center Console Mounted Jeep JL Gun Holsters

Custom designed and built to mount to the center console on 2018 and up Jeep JLs. These holsters mount securely without any vehicle modifications, drilling etc. They are available in either driver or passenger side mount versions, They are designed to allow you to draw your firearm safely without have to cross any extremities, Each of these handcrafted leather holsters are designed and built specifically to your firearm and are not a "universal" fit.  Due to placement, the seat willl need to be 3/4 to all the way back. If seat placement or additional grip clearance is a concern, I highly recommend the passenger side center console mount version. These are offered at $175 each. Please contact me with specific details regarding your firearm to insure that I have the mold to build it with prior to sending any funds.