JL/JT Key FOB Cases, Holsters and Carriers


Jeep JL/JT Kep FOB Holsters (aka Jeep JL Key FOB Cases)

Due to the large size of the new Jeep JL/JT key FOB, many owners have experienced issues with the mechanical key opening in their pockets, the panic alarm getting set off accidentally etc. Many people are also just looking for an alternative way to carry them as well as protect them. These Jeep JL/JT Key Fob Holsters or as some people refer to them JL/JT Key FOB Cases will provide the proud Jeep JL/JT owner key FOB protection, ease of access to buttons (on  applicable versions), style and years of satisfaction. The perfect addition to your jeep accessories is handcrafted leather goods.

Styles and Designs

These holsters are currently being offered with a flat snap clip style carabiner, a belt clip version and a no clip version. They are available in Black, Brown or Tan. Currently with black or red stitching on the black models and natural thread on the brown and tan. They are also available either with a button window or without. For those with Proximity Entry on your JLs, there really is no need for a button window. 


These are made for 7-8 oz Hermann Oak or Wickett & Craig veg tanned leather. They are dyed, buffed and sealed and should last a lifetime. We take pride in both our designs and craftsmanship to insure the best possible product that we can produce.

Pricing and Ordering

Most models are offered at $40 

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